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The Westman Islands are a group of small volcanic islands located off the south coast of Iceland. They are sometimes overlooked by visitors, but they are a natural wonder that you can experience on our private luxury jeep tour to the Westman Islands from Reykjavik.

To begin the journey, we pick you up from your Reykjavik accommodation in our luxury 4x4 jeep and travel down the stunning Icelandic South Coast to Landeyjahöfn, a little harbor located near the famed Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

From here, we catch the ferry to the Westman Islands or Vestmannaeyjar in Icelandic. The boat cruise takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

Bring your cameras since this short excursion will provide you with some of the most stunning views of the Westman Islands as you approach their unique cliffs and slopes. We bring the jeep on the ferry in order to continue our tour on the islands in complete comfort and luxury. The ferry offers restrooms and a restaurant where you can buy drinks and refreshments if you wish. 

As we sail towards Heimaey, the archipelago's largest and only inhabited island, we can observe several romantic-looking solitary buildings on the smallest islands that were once used for puffin hunting, a dying tradition that, although it might sound cruel to many people, helped the Westman Islanders subsist for decades.

The Vestmannaeyjar archipelago was formed by underwater volcanic eruptions, with Surtsey being the most recent island, formed in 1967. You may discover everything about the islands' volcanic past by visiting the fascinating Eldheimar Museum, an interactive museum built around the remnants of a house destroyed by lava during the latest Eldfell volcano eruption in 1973.

Eldheimar Museum presents the story of the Westman Islands and Surtsey, but it is primarily a museum dedicated to remembering the massive Eldfell eruption, which drove residents to evacuate, damaged several structures, and altered the island's shape. It is a story that demonstrates the Icelandic people's tenacity and determination, a story that is critical to know if you are visiting these beautiful islands.

You then have the option to hike up Eldfell volcano, feel the still-warm rocks from the explosion, and witness the newly formed lava fields from the previous eruption.

We continue our private luxury journey on the Westman Islands with a drive to Stórhöfi, Europe's windiest point, from which you can see the Westman Islands in all their glory. Here you can meet some curious sheep and, with luck, watch a flock of puffins fluttering around during their summer visit to the islands.

We then travel to Herjólfsdalur, a picturesque valley surrounded by cliffs and green hills, where you may observe the magnificent Elephant Rock and the ruins of a Westman Islands' original settlers' farmhouse.

After exploring the island, we board the ferry and return to Reykjavik, where we drop you off at your accommodation at the end of our Private Luxury Vestmannaeyjar Jeep Tour. 


Tour Highlights

  • Eldheimar Museum
  • Eldfell volcano
  • Stórhöfði, Europe’s windiest spot
  • Meet the puffins (summertime only)
  • Elephant Rock
  • Herjólfsdalur valley

Hvað er innifalið

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off (in Reykjavik Metropolitan area)
  • Transport by private luxury jeep 
  • Round trip ferry transport 
  • Entrance fee to Eldheimar museum
  • English speaking guide
  • Free WiFi on board our luxury jeep

Hvað er ekki innifalið

  • Meals
  • Any other activity not included

Hvað þarf að taka með

  • Warm and waterproof clothing
  • Comfortable waterproof walking shoes
  • Hats, mittens and scarves

Mikilvægar upplýsingar

  • Please choose the right number of travelers from the extras menu. This will apply all the fees for the museum and ferry
  • This is a luxury tour onboard our modified 4x4 jeep, which guarantees a unique experience of Iceland at a slower pace and with your own private guide.
  • Pick-up/drop-off from your accommodation in Reykjavik, please confirm at time of booking.
  • Pick-up and drop-off are possible from Keflavik Airport or outside Reykjavik metropolitan area, with an additional charge. Please let us know when booking.
  • There is a café on the ferry for food, drinks and snacks. 
  • The weather in Iceland can be quite unpredictable. Occasionally, especially during winter, the tour itinerary might be altered if weather and road conditions are unfavorable.
  • Due to limited daylight hours during winter, much driving will be done in the dark. Some sites might be visited in dusk or darkness during the winter months (November to February) or even skipped.
  • Puffins are only visible in Iceland during the summer months (May-August) and sightings, although very likely on the Westman Islands, are not guaranteed. 


  • Cancellation fee of 100% if cancelled 2 Dagar or less before departure



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  • English
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